FAQ and On-Boarding Assistance
Why am I getting a weird message when I try to launch PKC from my phone after installing?
PKC is an enterprise app ... meaning you will have to give the app permission before it will work on your phone. 

For a quick tutorial on how to do this, check out the video below:
Does PKC Allow HUDs?
No, they do not.

Does each new account need a separate phone number?

You may now link one phone number to three separate accounts.
How do I create an account on PKC?
Creating an account on PKC is super easy. Just check out the short video tutorial below:

Can I play on multiple tables at the same time?

You can play up to three accounts from each mobile device with only one phone number,
Does PKC Allow Emulators?
No, PKC has discontinued the use of emulators.

How is rake calculated?
You only pay rake when you win at a table.

Rake is 5% of your overall win per table when either a) the game ends or b) you cash out from the table. 

Example: Your table's time limit expires and you're winning 1,000 … you would pay 50 of your profit in rake.

If you lose at a table you owe no rake.

What currency is used on PKC?
Games spread are in the Chinese currency of RMB. 
Typically 1 USD = 6.7 RMB, although the price can fluctuate on a day to day basis.

Example: A 2/4/8 (2) game would be: $0.30/$0.60/$1.2 with a $0.30 ante .

For up-to-date RMB to USD conversion info visit: CLICK HERE or simply search “RMB to USD” in Google.

Why are there 3 blinds instead of 2 in the cash games?
It's just a different structure than what you're used to seeing.

Most of the cash games are played with 3 blinds - a Small Blind, Big Blind, and Straddle as well as an ante the size of the Small Blind.

Does PKC offer rakeback?
No, they do not.


How do I deposit Bitcoin to PKC?
There are multiple ways you can deposit onto PKC using Bitcoin.

1) The quickest way to get in the action will be to buy and deposit Bitcoin directly from your phone using Square's Cash App (Video tutorial below).
2) You can also create a Coinbase account and then fund your PKC account by sending Bitcoin via Coinbase.

The video tutorial below is for setting up a Coinbase account.

For help sending money via coinbase, please click the link below: 

Link for "How to Send Money via Coinbase tutorial".

How do I set up a wallet to receive my PKC Bitcoin cashout?
Easy peazy lemon squeazy! To set up a wallet using the Blockchain app, simply follow the short video tutorial below:
Once your wallet is set-up, you will bind your wallet address to your PKC account and request your cashout (Cashouts process in in 4-6 hours from request).

How do I turn my Bitcoin into cash once it's in my wallet?
To turn your Bitcoin into fiat currency, you will simply send your Bitcoin from your Blockchain wallet to a wallet on an exchange, like Coinbase.

On how to cashout on Coinbase, CLICK HERE.

For more ways to turn your Bitcoin into Cash, click CLICK HERE.
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