The Life of a Pro Poker Player
My journey ...
Chapter 1: The Beginning
As a 19 year old kid I saved up $3,000, sold almost everything I owned, threw everything else in the back of my 1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse, and moved to Florida to pursue my dream.
Since then I have gambled in just about every setting you can imagine:
- Cruises to nowhere? CHECK

- Dirty illegal home games in bad parts of town? CHECK

- The 70 million dollar home of a billionaire? CHECK

- Too many websites, apps, and poker rooms to remember? CHECK

I LIVED at The Commerce Casino in Los Angeles for a couple of years ... playing 60 hours of high stakes poker every single week.

Playing cards has been my entire professional life.

And my adventures have been filled with incredible, other-worldly highs …

Along with debilitating, soul-crushing lows ...

But that’s the life I signed up for.

Through it all, one thing remains constant:

I will always have a burning desire to be a better player TODAY than I was yesterday.

My biggest nightmare is that I’ll wake up one day and no longer be able to beat the game.

I’ll somehow morph into one of those miserable dudes at the table who stare daggers and talk shit when you crack their aces.

And I KNOW you have that same mentality.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out … that fighting spirit is in you to be a better card player tomorrow than you are today.

That’s why it’s so important to me that our friendship start out great …

I get to be the mentor and teacher I never had.

My goal as your teacher is to systematically share with you as much of the wisdom and knowledge I’ve accumulated over my 15 year career.

In fact, I'll start right now ...
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I won a giant pot, immediately ran out of the poker room, and puked my guts out off of the third-story balcony onto the first floor below.) 

A system that would have SAVED and EARNED me hundreds of thousands of dollars by expediting my growth through my career.

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